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minor breach

definition of minor breach:

the slight violation of the terms of a contract, such that it does not undermine the entire agreement. Compare MINOR BREACH to MATERIAL BREACH, a severe violation that undermines the agreement as a whole.

minor breach, as it might be used:

The court found the tenant had exercised her option to renew the lease within the time allowed and, therefore, held that the minor breach should be overlooked.

minor breach, in an example:

Fiona's niece, Sheila, is to be married. Sheila contracts with a local bakery to provide a wedding cake, which is to be delivered to the reception hall. The contract calls for a chocolate layer cake with raspberry jam filling. On the day of the event the cake is delivered and set up according to the agreement. All is well until one of the guests notices that the cake is actually filled with boysenberry jam. Being a sensible person, Sheila realizes that the mix up constitutes only a minor breach of the contract, thinks nothing more of it and enjoys her reception.
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