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mirror image rule

definition of mirror image rule:

the rule of contracts that prohibits an offeree (person who receives the offer) from changing the terms of that offer. Changing the terms negates the original offer, creates a counteroffer, and reverses the roles of the parties. The offeree becomes the offeror, and visa versa.

mirror image rule, as it might be used:

Under the mirror image rule, the alteration in terms of the offer by the acceptance voided the agreement.

mirror image rule, in an example:

Ogden and Agnes want to build a swimming pool in their yard. A local contractor presents the couple with a written bid that lists the specifications for the pool such as length, width and depth. It also includes a description of the materials to be used, a tentative schedule for the project and the price. Thinking the price is a little high, Ogden crosses out the price written by the contractor, enters one he feels is more reasonable and signs the contract. According to the mirror image rule, no contract exists because the terms of the acceptance differed from the terms of the offer.
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